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Yoga means, among other things, to find its own path. We can support you musically and offer you a colorful range of music with or without singing for your asanas, flows and meditation units. No matter whether it's a chilling sound or drifting popbeats, no matter whether you're at zero or at 115 BPM: at our yoga CDs yoga professionals find the perfect carpet for the inside. Dive into our MY! Yoga sound world.

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Yoga is a thousand-year-old practice, which has its roots in India and to this day many different interpretations. Regardless of style, many Yogis and Yoginis are looking for ways to free themselves from everyday stress. Whether Vinyasa, Inside Yoga, Jivamukti or Sirvananda, the focus is on the human being. On the way to your deepest inner we accompany you musically. In the MY! royalty-free repertoire you will find music with and without vocals. Our DJs can, on request, mix your personal music for your yoga course . We offer background music for your yogastudio, from chillout to ambient everything that makes your yoga course a highlight.