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Here you find everything what you need for your aerobics courses for background music. With the MY! Music we deliver music from pop to rock about dance and House all genres which make your aerobic courses a highlight. Compilations like the Power Aerobics and the Chart Attack are also available in the subscription. If you are a fan of the most announced Clubtunes, we recommend you among other things our Clubstyle Deluxe series.

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MY! is an expert in mixing aerobic music since 1999. In order to meet your requirements as a trainer, our DJs pays attention meticulously to the fact that the arc of tension within the songs and between the songs are perfect. All aerobic compilations are adapted to your courses or your training setup so that the music in the warm-up part is moderate and attracts in the main part so that it entrains every participant and trainer. The cool down songs round off the cours and leave a lot of room for your creativity and interpretations.