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MY! delivers to you the most announced songs for your step courses. Across the genres, we offer you from chart to pop from rock to electro and/or 3/4tacts everything that makes your step course a highlight. Thanks to the bpm-number of 129-134, you are able to use the MY! Step Experience, Chart Attack or Clubstyle also for many other courses as for example workout and toning optimally. Another special highlight are the final songs on the just called compilations. Here are no limits set to your creativity. In order that you do not miss out an issue of one of these mega compilations, you are able to obtain them also in the more favorable subscription of MOVE YA!.

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The classic step training was invented by Gin Miller in the early 1990s and spread by Reebok into the world. A particularly creative form is Dance-Step. Here, sophisticated dance steps and classic step combinations are combined to form a choreography. The MY! series Step Experience is a guarantee for great mixes from the charts, which is also available in the favorable subscription at MOVE YA!. Of course the chart attack and / or club style are also suitable for your step courses. At the end of a course, specially selected music titles for the overall choreography ensure an energetic final.