Clubstyle Deluxe

The MY! Clubstyle is proud of its name. It is blended by our internationally active DJs, who perform in the hottest clubs. It is always guaranteed that you will find the latest trends on the Clubstyle. So that you do not miss a trend, you can order the Clubstyle Deluxe also in the subscription. Three times a year, there is a new compilation with the most popular tracks.

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The DJs, producers and labels present their brandnew releases and determine what sound will be announced in the clubs and charts. Thanks to our excellent contacts with these labels, we are now able to present you this sound exclusively on our new CLUBSTYLE DELUXE MIAMI 2017. After a rather cool and housy beginning, the dynamisim increases by minute and culminates at the end in a brutal beat-fire of the extra class. The whole is garnished with 4 furious finals.