Abdominal / Core Training Music

Abdomen and core courses are very popular. With the right music selection, these units become a special experience. MY! get a wide selection of music. From 90 to 134 BPM. In every abdomen or core course the body center is given special attention. With our Bodystyling Compilation, Pilates & Workout or the Step Experience, you are well equipped to help your customers achieve a slim waist and a six pack.

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Abdomen courses are particularly popular in the studios. The mostly short and intense units are aimed directly at the area of ​​the body center. In order to make the core training particularly interesting and motivate your participants, the MY! Music is suitable. In the MY! online shop you will find compilations across the genres, that meet your requirements. Regardless of chart, rock, pop, electro or house, we have the right songs for every taste.