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Tabata are 4-minute high-intensity training sessions . The stress phases of usually 20 seconds alternate with 10 seconds of rest. These effective fitness excercises require very special motivating music, because the 4 minutes of high intensity training is to last. MOVE YA! support your Tabata training with their professional music compilations. The power interval is one of the compilations, which is excellent for HIT. With the M.A.X.-series and the funtone, we also offer music, with other intervals, to offer you the greatest possiblity of creativness.

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The MOVE YA! Onlineshop offers you a variety of compilations that you can use for the tabata training. Driving beats and remixes, which are unique for a high motivation factor . You will find the most diverse compilations, which offer you different intervals and push your customers to maximum performance with tabata units.