In General

General rights of use when buying royalty free and royalty CDs/MP3s & MY! UNLIMITED

With the purchase of a CD/MP3 or the conclusion of the MY! UNLIMITED subscription, you alone receive the rights to play the music to the public during live on-site instruction. Any other use such as the musical accompaniment of films/live streaming is generally not included in the purchase price of the CD/MP3/ subscription and must be licensed separately.

Can I use royalty-free and royalty-liable music for film recordings?

If you want to use the music to underlay films, you have to acquire a separate license for use which authorises the audiovisual use. This license is not automatically included in the purchase price of the CD/MP3. If you want to use our royalty free music for this purpose, please contact us. For the use of music subject to one royalty collecting society, please check the respective society in your country. If you are planning a project in the fitness area that is to be realized in higher quantities, MOVE YA! can also make you an offer in the area of royalty-liable music. Please contact us: info@move-ya.de.

What does royalty free mean?

With royalty free music, in contrast to music subject to royalty, you do not pay any performance fees for public performance, as the composers and authors are not members of a royalty collecting society. The music is not automatically free of charge or freely available because it is labelled royalty free. When reproducing royalty free music in film and video recordings, separate licences apply. Please contact us for this purpose at info@move-ya.de.

What does royalty-liable mean?

A royalty collecting society (like GEMA in Germany: Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) administers the copyrights of artists who are members of the association. In the case of music that is subject to this society, there is an obligation to pay the society fees for public performances - as instructed. The basis for this payment is an agreement with the association. Most national and international music titles are subject to these societies. Every country got its own society.

What do I do about a copyright notice (Content ID claim) on YouTube + Facebook?

Copyrighted material was found in your video by the Content ID system and it cannot be monetized. The detection systems used by YouTube and Facebook are not always 100% accurate, and thus your video may be copyrighted or partially muted despite using royalty-free music.

As long as you hold a commercial online public performance (teaching) license including GEMA exemption for the music track in question and the details on YouTube for the copyright notice state " The Content ID claim made on your video has no effect on your channel. So your account will not receive a copyright warning", you can simply ignore this message, and on Facebook you can click "Restore Audio".

MOVE YA! is happy to assist you in resolving a copyright notice. Please contact us at licensing@move-ya.de if necessary.


Where do I find the APP?

A.  For iPhones and iPads in the APP Store of APPLE

B. For Android smartphones and tablets in the Play Store of Android.

On how many devices, can I use the APP at the same time?

A.  You can use the APP on 2 devices at the same time.

B.  If you sign in on a third device, you will be logged out on the first device and will have to sign in again the next time

How do I get out of the home screen in iOS?

A. Tap on the grey area at the bottom of the screen "Use our app now".

How do I navigate through the APP/ how does the menu work?

A, Either open the menu by clicking on the 3 bars in the upper left corner of the screen

B. Or, by dragging from the left edge of the screen to the right.

C. There are 7 menu items: Player, Playlists, MY! Library, MOVE YA! downloads, Backup/Restore, News, About 

Instructions PLAYER

1. The music is played here, the currently selected playlist is played

2.The Play button to play, the Back button to go to the beginning of the song or to the previous song in the playlist and the Forward button to play the next song in the playlist.

3. There are 3 different play modes

a.         There is the infinity mode, then the playlist is repeated after playing.

b.         There is the single mode, then only the current song is played

c.         The continuous mode, then the playlist will play once continuously and stop after the last song

d.         You can change this mode by tapping on the current mode

4. You can also increase or decrease the tempo/ BPM here.

Instructions PLAYLIST:

1. All downloaded albums appear here, as playlists to play.

2. By tapping on the play button in the album cover, the playlist plays.

3. You can also create your own playlists. 

4. Tap the + in the upper right corner.

5. Now you will be asked to give a name, this is completely up to you.

6. Then tap on the newly created playlist.

7. In the opened playlist tap again on the + in the upper right edge.

8. Now you are forwarded to the library.

9. There all the songs you have downloaded are listed.

10. Sorted by A-Z/Alphabet, album name/source and BPM number.

11. If you have other audio files on your device, they will also appear here. You can also include them in your playlist. Under Source they are sorted under the heading "Local Tracks", but you can scroll down to the bottom.

12. Select the tracks you want to have in your playlist by checking the small box to the right of the title.

13. Then "add" appears in the upper right corner, if you tap on it, these tracks will be added to your playlist.

14. here you can insert individual pauses between the titles if you need this.

15. by holding down the 4 lines you can change the order of the titles, with Apple you have to hold down the scissors for now, then the lines appear on the right side.

16. you can cut titles with the scissors if you want to use only parts of a title.

Instructions MY! LIBRARY

1. Here are all the songs from the albums you have downloaded

2. Sorted by A-Z/Alphabet, album name/source and BPM number

3. With the magnifying glass at the top, you can search for titles.

4. With the plus you will be forwarded to the area: MOVE YA!

5. Don't be surprised, if you have other audio files on your device, they will also appear here. Under "Source" they are sorted under the heading "Local Tracks".

6. By checking the boxes next to the titles and tapping the play button that appears at the top, you can play the collection of titles you have tapped, or just a single one, depending on your preference.

Instructions BACK UP /RESTORE

1. Here you can backup your own playlists. This is especially important when you update the app. If you do not back up your own playlists, they will be automatically deleted with the update.

2. You tap on "Login via Google", after that the screen will turn grey and you have to wait a few seconds.

3. There you can enter your gmail address, then you wait again a little bit.

4. Now the button "Backup" appears and you tap on "Yes.

5. On a new/different device, you can restore your own playlists using the "Restore" button.

6. The music must be downloaded again.

Instructions MOVE YA!/ DOWNLOAD

1. Here you log in with your user data from the online shop.

2. You can also download the albums here.

3. Tap once on the green cloud of the respective album.

4. A circle will fill up, around the cloud, when it is full and the cloud disappears, the music will appear in playlists and the single titles will appear in the MY! Library

How do I work with the app?

Check out our video tutorial that will make you familiar with all the features of our app:

How do I work with the app?

How do I create my own playlists?

Check out our video tutorial that will guide you through the steps of creating your own playlists:

How do I create my own playlists?

Instructions NEWS

This button redirects to our website.

Instructions ABOUT

Here appears a short description of the APP, you will be directed to this menu item when you open the APP for the first time.

What can I do if I have problems with the APP?

  1. First, log out once, close the APP completely and log in again. In many cases, this is enough to fix the problems.
  2. The second option (for Android devices) is to clear the cache of the app. This works as follows:
  • Open the settings of the cell phone
  • tap APPS and notifications
  • select the MY! Select app
  • Select memory
  • clear cache
  1. Restarting the device can also always be helpful if the previous tips do not work
  2. If all this doesn't help, check if you have the latest version of the app. Apps have to be updated every now and then due to the further development of the operating systems. To do this, uninstall the app once and reinstall it, before doing so, please backup/restore your playlists. Best also here after, a restart.
  3. If you still do not get a positive result, please write us an email with the following information: Which smartphone do you have? Which operating system do you have and on which update status is it (Settings > About the phone)? Name, zip code and describe the problem as detailed as possible. Or call us: 04171/79 5990

What can I do if I can't register?

  1. Check your login details very carefully. They are the same as in our store. Sometimes you type on the caps lock key by mistake (always write bigger), you put a comma instead of a dot, or you write .de instead of .com in your email address. This often happens e.g. with Google Mail addresses, which always end with .com.
  2. Check your internet connection/WLAN, maybe use your mobile internet if you can't log in via WLAN.
  3. If necessary, reset your password, using the "forgot password" function in the store.
  4. If you have bought before 2018 for the last time, check if you can log in to our store, if not you need to create a new account.

What can I do if I can't download anything (anymore)?

  1. First check if you have enough memory on your smartphone.
  2. There may have been an update to the app in iOS/iPhone/iPad, sometimes the albums no longer appear in the playlists. Then you have to delete the app once and reinstall. Then it works again.
  3. With Android, you sometimes get the message, the memory is not enough, after downloading. If there is enough memory, you have to go to the download area once. If the U (for UNLIMITED) is missing in the upper right corner of the album cover, you have to drag downwards once on the screen. Then the app syncs once with the server and the Us come back.
  4. First, log out once, close the APP completely and log in again. In many cases this is enough to fix the problems.
  5. The second option is (for Android devices) to clear the cache of the APP once.
  6. This works as follows: Open the settings of the phone tap APPS and notifications tap the MOVE YA! App, select Memory, select Clear Cache.
  7. Then it should work again.
  8. Restarting the device can also always be helpful if the previous tips don't work.
  9. If all this doesn't help, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app once, before that please backup/restore your personally created playlists.

Can I try out the APP?

Yes , you can try the APP. It works like this:

  1. Go to our store and search for APP PROMO MIX, go to the product page.
  2. Add "PromoMix" to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Enter APPPROMO at discount code.
  4. Complete checkout process without invoice amount.
  5. MY! APP free download from Google Play or App Store.
  6. OPEN MY! APP and log in with your store user data.
  7. Load "Promo Mix" by clicking on the cloud.
  8. Now you can put the app through its paces and see if it works for you.

What do I need to use the app?

- To use the app on iOS devices, you need an iOS device with IOS 12 or higher.

- To use the app on Android devices you need an Android device with Android 9.0.0 or higher. (We do not recommend using the app with Huawei or Honor smartphones, as we cannot guarantee a flawless usage).

What do I do if I am logged out of the app with the message "Login limit reached"? (iOS)

If you frequently get the message that you have "reached the login limit", this can have two main reasons:

Reason 1: You are using the app on more than two devices. If this is the case, as soon as you use a third device, the app will sooner or later kick you out on one of the other two devices.

If you then log back in on the device where you were kicked out, you will be logged out again on one of the other two devices.

If you uninstalled the app once, the app will count the new installation as a new device.

Reason 2 (mainly iOS/Apple products): The app has a communication problem with the servers. This can be caused, for example, by WLAN connections that reconnect or change frequently.

Solution: If you experience this problem frequently, please use the app during the course without WLAN and without mobile internet on your device. If you do this, the app will know that it does not need to connect during the time of use and you will not run the risk of being kicked out.

You turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data/Internet on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This will reveal the icons for Wi-Fi, mobile internet, Bluetooth, and flight mode. There you tap on WLAN and mobile Internet, if they are no longer highlighted in blue, you have successfully turned it off. You can also turn it on again here after the course.

How do I use the MY! APP on the computer/PC?


Who is Music License suitable for?

Music License's offer is suitable for everyone who wants to realize their projects with high quality music. Trainers, coaches, studios, clubs, practices, hotels. Fitness chains, platforms, app providers and all other producers of music/video content. There are standardized flat rates and single licenses as well as individual license offers on request.

What does the license subscription UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film?

The UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film subscription is for instructors and gyms. It gives you access to our entire royalty free music repertoire. The subscription includes the license to use the music for public performances, i.e. live classes on location, and to shoot videos with the music for use on social media, video-on-demand, your own website and app. For chains and all other companies there is the possibility to get individual flat rates or single licensing.

Are there any restrictions to the UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film subscription that I need to be aware of?

The UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film subscription does not include:

  • Download of the videos
  • Sublicensing of the movies
  • Sale of the music
  • Use of the movies/music for TV, cinema, radio (analog or digital)

You can only access the music and create and publish content using it as long as your subscription is active.

Example: If you create a video while you have an active subscription but then cancel the subscription, those movies cannot be released at a later date. All video content must be published or shared while you have an active subscription or within 7 days after your subscription ends.

To release already created content with our music afterwards, you need to renew the subscription.

What is the difference between UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film STUDIO and the upgrade STUDIO PLUS?

The GYM PLUS upgrade enables a worldwide paid online service by the subscriber. The normal GYM tariff includes the providing of the films to gym members and for the promotion of gym memberships.

How long is the subscription period?

The subscription period is 1 month or 1 year, depending on your preference. The subscription is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled 1 week before the end of the term in case of monthly subscription or 4 weeks before the end of the term in case of annual subscription.

How long is my license valid with the subscription?

With the expiration date of your subscription the license to create and publish new videos expires. All videos reported to us up to 7 days after expiration (see online registration) are considered licensed and can be used in the reported form indefinitely and worldwide.

When do I choose STANDARD and when BUSINESS for individual licensing?

The single licenses are the right choice when you need music for a single film project where there is a definable length. This can be a single video of 45 minutes or, for example, a course consisting of 10 units of 20 minutes each. Generally, you can use each minute of the mix once for a video creation. If you need a different use or want to license multiple mixes once, please contact us.

Where is my license generally valid?

Worldwide for films released in your own name or that of your company/gym, on social media, video-on-demand platforms, your own website, your own app.

Can I license single songs?

Yes, you can license single songs as well as the Ready-to-Go Fitness Mixes.

Do I have to name MOVE YA! as music licensor in my videos (credits)?

Yes, the license includes naming MOVE YA! as a music resource under your video.

Do I have to register my movies?

Yes, you register your made videos, whether licensed by single purchase or subscription, under our video online registration. The registration serves the archiving and the release of the films by us. On the one hand, we can issue you a corresponding confirmation in case of a request by a royalty collecting society for public performance, and on the other hand, this ensures that only films are licensed during an active subscription.

Are there any additional costs?

No, your monthly subscription amount or STANDARD or BUSINESS tariff for individual licensing is the amount you pay for licensing the creation of movies for streaming use. There are no other costs added by us or by other institutions.

All rights are 100% owned by us.

When I buy a royalty free mix, do I automatically get the license to make films with it?

No, the purchase of a classic fitness mix only includes the use of the music for live teaching. For making movies, a separate license must be purchased.

If I purchase a BUSINESS license, does it include filming with my employees?

The Business license can be purchased by anyone, individual or company. It includes the use of the mix for the creation of the film according to its duration / minute length, say 60 minutes of music can be used once for 60 minutes of film creation. The design of the video, length, number of actors etc. is up to the licensee.

Does a subscription cover live broadcasts and/or music used in public performances?

Yes, both are included with UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film.

Can I use the music in my advertising or commercial project?

Yes, as far as advertising on social media & own website. Advertising via TV & radio are not covered by the subscription or STANDARD & BUSINESS licenses.

Can I use the music on the radio with a license?

The single licenses and UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film do not cover the use via radio or TV. However, this can be requested separately.

On which media/platforms can I use the music?

Social media, video-on-demand, own website, own app.

I have an individual project which is not covered by the licenses on the website.

Please use our request form.

Can I earn money with an online license on YouTube by displaying ads (commercials) in my videos?

MOVE YA! allows monetization of your videos on YouTube (income by inserting ads before or during the video). Unfortunately, MOVE YA! cannot guarantee this for individual music tracks. MOVE YA! has no control over the recognition system (Content ID) used by this platform, which is not always 100% accurate, and your video may be copyrighted. So if the music is identified as coming from someone else, the recognized copyright holder will be credited with the web revenue.

Some of our high-quality productions may contain elements of GEMA/AKM/SUISA free toolboxes (construction kits, loops, vocal samples, etc.) that have also been used by other artists for their track production, or they may be so-called "soundalikes". Therefore, no clear copyright claim can be generated.

MOVE YA! is happy to assist you with questions regarding monetization and copyright notification. If necessary, please contact us at licensing@move-ya.de.

Can I use a MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film subscription to use the music for live lessons in the classroom?

Yes, you can.

What payment options are available?

The payment of the subscription is done by Paypal or credit card. It is a recurring payment. The payment is made according to the selected payment method until the subscription is cancelled.

Do I have to pay VAT?

All prices communicated on the website are gross prices.

How can I change the payment or my subscription?

You can manage your subscription within your account.

How can I "upgrade" my subscription?

Within your subscription, you have the option to upgrade your subscription as a instructor/gym to "Download the music to your PC". As a gym you also have the possibility to make your films available to everyone for a fee through STUDIO PLUS.

Is the subscription automatically renewed?

In the case of a 12-month subscription, the subscription is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled in writing 4 weeks before the end of the 12 months. In the case of a 1- and 3-month subscription, it expires automatically.

How can I cancel my subscription renewal?

Please email us at info@move-ya.de.