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MOVE YA! is your partner for sports, fitness & lifestyle music. We distribute compilations as CD, download & flat rate subscription. For over 20 years we have brought more fun, motivation and success to thousands of trainers and millions of sports and fitness enthusiasts. We are Europe's biggest source for sports and fitness music.

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Our vision then and now: to bring the best and coolest music to your individual and group training, whether in the classroom, outdoors or online. Our international DJ-Team provides you with the hottest new training mixes for your sport and fitness courses, such as Step Aerobics, Cardio Training, Latin Dance, Aerobics, Body & Mind, Jumping Fitness, Cross- Athletic Training, Core, Indoor Cycling, Aqua Fitness, Tabata, Mental Balance, Running, Rehab Sport, Back Training, Toning, Pilates, Yoga, Running, Interval Training / H.I.I.T., Functional Training and much more.

We cover every taste of music. Whether charts, pop, dance, electronic, house, chillout, latin, disco, rock or pop music - you will find the most motivating sounds for your training.

Just Press Play - MY! UNLIMITED INFINITY is our fitness music flat rate for your mobile phone or tablet at an attractive monthly subscription price. Access to over 380 MOVE YA! mixes via the free MOVE YA! APP. Also as royalty-free version MY! UNLIMITED FREE and MY! UNLIMITED INFINITY Cycling available.

Upgrade Your Workout - with our ultimate training tool, the MY! APP and a Bluetooth speaker you are not bound to any place. The app helps you to have your favorite music repertoire always in the right speed and well sorted. Available for you to download free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.

On MY! RADIO you will find the right background music for the perfect musical atmosphere and motivation in your fitness and health rooms. The music of our radio programs and playlists is tailored exactly to your target group.

Our product MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film offers trainers and studios/clubs direct access to over 140 royalty-free group fitness mixes at a low monthly price and the license to use music for virtual classes on YouTube, social media & website.

With MY! MUSIC LICENSE you can quickly and inexpensively license the appropriate royalty-free background music for your creative project or you can have us compile or produce your individual mix compilation.

We also have the right fitness accessories for your job as a trainer, e.g. our Micro Belt, suitable for all common transmitters.

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