Royalty free fitness and workout music as CD, download & flat rate subscription

Here you will find current and high quality compilations with single tracks or mixed in 32 count for your workout and all group fitness classes, without expensive fees to collecting societies like GEMA, AKM, SUISA, PRS, ASCAP/BMI, SACEM, SIAE, SGAE, i.a. for public performance.

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Royalty free Fitness and Workout Music as CD, Download & Flat Rate Subscription

If you are looking for motivating beats in the fitness sector, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our royalty free section. We have a large pool of international DJs and producers with whom we produce commercial royalty free music at the highest level in close cooperation with fitness experts. Our music, specially compiled and mixed in different music genres and speeds/BPM according to each class profile, is the perfect support and motivation for your workout.

Do you need royalty free music for your virtual classes, workout fitness videos on YouTube, social media, website, a DVD project, advertising, image film or any other kind of licensing, MY! MUSIC LICENSE is the solution for you.