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EveryBODY comes alive with Drums Alive!

Use the Power of Music, Rhythm, Movement and Science to Re-Ignite the Passion for LIFE!
Drums Alive® Wellness Beats - Dynamic combines music, drumming, movement, and cognitive application in 6/8 Rhythm and 24-count blocks to unleash a dynamic flow of positive feelings and emotions. This mix of culturally diverse music and filmed choreographies features powerful and varied rhythms designed to provide an empowering and transformative experience for you and your students.
Drums Alive® Wellness Beats - Dynamic is a thoughtfully orchestrated symposium of various music styles, rhythms, and choreographies that allows you to create an atmosphere of harmony, balance, and self-awareness for you and your students.
The first 11 tracks provide a continuous flow of music in 6/8 rhythm in 24 count blocks, which is scientifically proven to improve physical, social-emotional, and brain health.
The final 10 tracks feature choreographed videos that help you learn the movements, drumming and rhythm patterns and enables you to share this transformative experience with your students.
Re-ignite your passion for teaching as you help your students “come alive with Drums Alive!”
Incl. 10 Videos & Booklet.
€49.90 incl. VAT
€49.90 incl. VAT

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