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Yoga meets Pilates

Yogilates is a combination of Yoga and Pilates and
connects the best of two sports worlds. This new fitness trend combines body- and mentally-oriented exercises to a holistic approach. Let the music inspire and guide you and combine the strengths of both exercise techniques.

Calm, clear and relaxed sounds with deep, not dominant beats, but with a certain dynamic to get into the flow. Mainly instrumental. No classic mix, but the tracks are "soft faded", so there are no interruptions between songs.
It starts with a 6 minute "arrival", recorded live on a hang drum by our "percussionist" Domenico Di Santolo.
After about 40 minutes comes a 12 minute dynamic part (tracks 09 + 10) with 125 BPM, for dynamic sequences and exercises.
€21.90 incl. VAT
€21.90 incl. VAT

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